This channel is a way to guarantee our commitment to ethics and transparency.


In this structure, Gridlab Sistemas e Serviços ltda. establishes the main policies and macro-guidelines, creating a Board of Directors and supporting in the decision-making process and influences the Companies through the formal organs of governance (Councils and Committees). In this way, our strategic drivers are managed by the highest decision-making levels of the Company.

Gridlab Sistemas e Serviços ltda understands that solid governance and a structured Compliance system are fundamental to enable a healthy relationship between company, clients and society, guaranteeing transparency, ethical performance and integrity.

The Compliance program is structured in five pillars and encompasses our Code of Conduct, our Policies, the Anti-Corruption Program and the Ethical Line.
We have a complaint channel that preserves the secrecy of the complaint.


Denouncement Channel

You can make complaints about:

  • Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Safety
  • Other irregularities

This Channel is a way to ensure our commitment to ethics and transparency.

It is an independent, confidential and impartial tool available to the external and internal public of Gridlab Sistemas e Serviços ltda and its customers, suppliers and their partners.

At Gridlab Sistemas e Serviços ltda we have a rigid process of governance, attentive to the changes and evolutionary needs of the relations between the company and its clients, establishes clear guidelines to guarantee trust to all, always thinking about the solidity and long-term of our business and relations.

How to report

The complaint can be made in two ways:

Fill out the form below or please send an email to The IP of your computer will not be identified under any circumstances

Call (21) 3977-1276.

The internet channel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Connections will be handled by trained personnel to obtain the maximum information about the complaint, not compromising the anonymity and security of the source. The telephone number from which the call originates will not be identified under any circumstances.


Denouncement Form


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