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    Awards and Recognition

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Page designed to certifications and recognitions received by Gridlab Systems and Services

Certificados Geral

The first Rio de Janeiro journey took place.

The first Rio de Janeiro journey took place from November 10th to November 12th in 2015, in the central fire station to:

I. Share good examples in the protection and defense of Rio de Janeiro State.

II. To promote the efforts of everyone involved with Education;

III. To promote the exchange of different experiences between agents, technicians and other professionals;

IV. Unite the studies of each COMDEC e show the results for the SIEDEC;

V. Contribute to the formation of citizens involved with the reduction of disasters risks.

Certificado Flavio

Gridlab participation in I Fluminense Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

“A job well done , through the constant learning of our employees”

It is extremely important for Gridlab knowledge of the actions and thoughts of civil defense of the municipalities and the state , so there is an enhancement of our services and assistance for new demands exposed by them. The Gridlab thanks the State Civil Defense of Rio de Janeiro, the invitation to participate in this important event.

Premio Ipem

IPEM – Rio Prize

Winner of 2012 IPEM-RIO Prize

The prize’s goal is to improve the quality of the credential companies services.

Foto Ipem


Winner of company IPEM -RIO Award 2012

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